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New To Blogging

Hi Everyone!

Boy, this is a really big day for me. This is my very first attempt at blogging, but since it involves sharing information with you about young children and how we can do right by them, I figure I should be okay.

I taught little people for thirty years so my background is solid. In fact I used that experience to write a book. It is called The B S Years (Before School),Setting the Stage for School Success out next year..watch this blog for when.

Now, lets get to the challenge part. For me that is…Social Media. I figured all I had to do was write this book and, since ¬†people like kids, no problem- it will sell. After all, we all know “If you build it they will come”!

But, apparently, my niece and granddaughter, who are dragging me slowly into the 21st Century, tell me I need to know all sorts of important stuff about Social Media. I must go beyond snooping on FB- who knew?

I now have a FB page for my book, a website where blogs live, I belong to Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, NAPW and it won’t be long till I actually know what they all mean and do!

So, lets venture through this Social Media Maze together. I will dazzle you with my new found brilliance and you can offer my tidbits to further my skills. Together we can see how many ways we can make a difference for kids.

Remember to always challenge yourself to keep learning. I will be 75 in January and my challenge to myself to keep my brain engaged and learn as much as I can between now and then! I love a challenge.

How does this sound guys?


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  1. Starr Piercy says:

    It sounds like a great deal Jo! I’m so excited for your new adventure!

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