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Thoughts from Jo

For me the world just seems to get more overwhelming everyday and I wonder if I can ever say or do anything that might bring about change.
After all, I am just a senior citizen who is retired and living a nice quiet life and what could I do that would help or bring about any change? Somebody should do something, right?
Well, I’ve spent enough time pondering and now it is time to be the somebody who will do something,
Since my world has alway been education and since education has some significant issues it needs to deal with, that is where I plan to focus my efforts to bring about change.
Another apt saying is if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. May not be stated right, but you get the idea- we can all worry, fret and stew about education, but instead lets look at the issues and what we can do.
There are lots we need to tackle. I know the ones that make me crazy and many of you also have the hot educational buttons that make your hair stand on end.So, its time to stop being part of the problem and step up to discovering solutions that will make education better. Just because education has ALWAYS been delivered in a certain way does not mean we cannot think of different ways of delivery now.

I plan to get as much information from the Department of Education in Washington DC as I can. I am about to become a nag and a pain in someone’s backside because I don’t plan on being given a pat on the head and told to get back to my knitting. I want to know who I need to chat with to get them to know there are lots of us out there who think we need to make it better for our kids. You’ve heard of grassroots groups? That’s going to be us- there are lots of grandparents who are involved with raising their grandchildren and you need to get involved with me…..Gray Power and all that!

So, I will start with making contacts. Then I plan to list all the areas that are of concern to me. That is where you all come in. I want you to respond to me on my website or my email and tell me what your areas of concern are and what your solutions might be- thats big, people, we must provide concrete solutions to these issues.

I will take all our responses and prioritize them and send our survey to the people I plan to educate in the Department of Education.

This survey will be in my book, The BSYears (Before School), Setting the Stage For School Success at the end of Chapter Three. Here is my website….www.setting the stage for school success and my email is picklesnsox@aol.com or beforeschoolmama@gmail. com and you will find this blog there.

Thanks, I believe we can make things better and we have to get at it now.

Jo Dillery

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  1. Jeffery Tardaguila says:

    Interesting been watching higher ed in Cal leg for few years . will watch and flag u tks

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