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Pregnant with Possibilities

 I am in the process of developing a survey regarding issues in education that need to be addressed and I want you to be a part of this process.

Maybe you have been pregnant for five minutes and you are tossing your cookies a lot and why should you be bothered with a survey about your kids’ school days right now.

Well, let me tell you why.. School days will happen before you can blink an eye and you need to be aware of what kind of education you want for your child, does that kind of an education exist, and, if it doesn’t, what can you do to bring about the change you want to have. You can also read my book and blog which will get you on the right path from the very beginning. My book is called, The BSYears(BeforeSchool), Setting the Stage for School Success, and I have a plan for you to begin the minute you are pregnant and it needs to involve the entire family and especially the grandparents since many today will be taking on the role of teacher.

Ok, back to the survey. Be thinking about all the problems that exist in our schools today and do you want your children to attend schools that might not be a good fit. Next, I want you to list the things that you consider to be absolutely vital to the educational future of your child. Do you think Early Childhood Education is the answer? At what age should we begin to work with our kids? Is it to be private school or public school or homeschooling? How soon should we think about all these issues? Who can we go to for advice? What are your rights?

My biggest advice? Know your child- understand how they think and learn, give them opportunities to explore their world and always ask for their opinions. And…don’t forget to send your questions in when you fill out my survey at the end of Chapter 3 or go to my website.

Jo Dillery

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