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Grandparents Rule!

Hi there,

I have decided to be somewhat preachy today because I am pretty concerned, not only about the quality of our education, but about the values and expectations we have for children.

We have such a resource for teaching how we want our children to turn out in our grandparents. We may be older, but common sense and life experience have much to offer. And we know how to make use of expectations in making progress in any area.

Whatever you want to see happen with kids, won’t happen with kids if you do not expect it. My daughter teaches 3-5 year old Special Ed children and she expects on a daily basis what she wants her little ones to achieve. Her expectations will, of course, be dictated by the reality of what her kids can do. But, key words…CAN DO…within their reality she expects them to progress and they do. Will what they achieve be the same as other 3-5 year olds? Of course not….but the EXPECTATION is there that they will learn.

Expectations go hand in hand with respect and grandparents know the need for both only get stronger as we get older- remember, we know stuff!

I found a quote from LR Knost on the Learning Station…”Respecting a child teaches them that even the smallest, most powerless, most vulnerable person is worthy of respect, and that is a lesson our world desperately need to learn.”

I don’t think I was too preachy, was I? I am just so concerned and feel we need to say the things we feel will help one another.

Thanks, Jo

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