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I’ve been thinking about all the stressors we have in our everyday lives- those things that are either too much to do or there is too little time to do it all in.

There are the usual ones like family-do you have children, should you have children, and what about their education? How about parents? We have millions of “Baby Boomers” that are aging. Are they aging well? Do they need your help? Are they helping you? Have you made the right choices financially? Will your monetary plans be secure and provide you with a good retirement?

So, between health, education, finances, we have a lot to think about each day and for most of these we can sit down with family members and make plans and hope for some well earned peace and quiet.

Now, however, our world is not seeming as safe and secure as we want it to be. There are events happening almost daily that rock our world. We do need to keep informed, but there is a fine line between knowledge and being scared silly!

So, it seems to me, that we have to seek out balance. We have to find a way to put all things we hear on the news in perspective and still deal with the ordinary events of life.

This has created in me a need to meditate, read, learn more and exercise. I find myself engaging in most of these at some point daily. I try to find resources that can calm and comfort me – like a little book I reread recently called Keep-Life_Simple Therapy by Linus Mundy and Illustrated by R.W.Alley.

It speaks to making choices that make our lives more simple. It asks what we can do to come to know and appreciate some of the “simpler ways” of life. Linus Mundy suggests we “rediscover the joy of a quiet conversation, a simple story, an honest expression of affection for another”.  Learn how to calm and simplify your life.




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