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Pregnant With Possobilities

This question, “Will my baby learn anything in the womb?” has elicited a wide variety of answers and has evolved considerably over time. Back in 1960 and 1963 when I was pregnant, there were not many, including doctors, who believed that learning occurred in the womb and actually they believed the very notion was foolish.All I knew, was that I felt that learning could take place. It just seemed quite logical to me that I could influence my children while I was  pregnant by talking, reading, singing, playing all sorts of music. Now, both of my kids did very well in school and are successful in life. Chances are they would have been like that no matter what I did or believed. But….I still think that the activities i chose to “expose” them to made a difference.Today, we know so much more about the developing fetus and how they respond to outside stimuli. Plus, the research is there to confirm what I, in my infinite wisdom of 50 some years ago, intuitively knew. Listen to those intuitions, people.I read with interest about a mom who played an acoustic quitar while she was pregnant. Not long after the birth of her son, she started playing again and he turned to face her and smiled. Another incident had a mom, dad and doctor sing ‘If You Are Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands ‘while the doctor was doing a sonogram and the baby was clapping his hands along with them. That was amazing.We know that babies can hear and respond to their mom’s voices once they are at a certain level of development, so it seems logical to me that we take advantage of that and let the enrichment begin.

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