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Pregnant with Possibilities

Pregnant with Possibilities


This information regarding what babies learn in utero comes from www.babycentre.co.uk. I read the article in October of 2015 and was so excited to read about what I completely have always believed. It begins by stating that “You womb is a sensory playground for your baby and from about ten weeks she is already wiggling around and stretching her little limbs.

The article goes on to elaborate more agreement that baby will be able to hear your voice and respond to that sound with movement. Experts say that your baby will probably be able to remember those sounds and even remember tastes of food you ate. All these experiences serve to prepare your baby for life after birth.Towards the end of the second trimester, your baby starts to hear. The main things she hears is your heartbeat, breathing, voice, pumping of blood, when you have hiccups and gurgles of digestion.

You should experiment with music and see if one kind or another changes movement or reaction. If you find that classical is calming and soothing for baby, keep that in mind for after birth and see if it carries through to relaxion. I loved Rock and Roll. It was hardly soothing, but it did serve as our music of choice when we exercised little arms and legs after birth! You will learn that the heart rate will increase with music.

Same with your voice, you can speak in soothing tones and find that she will slow her movement down. Everyone in the family needs to be talking with baby while you are pregnant as those voices will become quite comforting after baby changes location. You might find that baby prefers your voice even though she has heard other family members. Just keep in mind, that the two of you have a very special connection and she will hear your voice most frequently.

I mentioned that what you eat while you’re pregnant impresses your baby. The article states that flavors affect your amniotic fluid and this in turn can affect your breastmilk. It describes how a varied diet while pregnant may help your baby enjoy a wider range of different foods later on.

While there may not be hard/fast data that absolutely confirms that you can increase your child’s intelligence by playing music or reading stories I know that you will deepen the bond you have and it will make a difference. This mother of two, grandmother of two and wanna-be great grandma knows in her heart that it does.

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