Monthly Archives: December 2015

Beginning to Homeschooling

This is a very informative article regarding having grandparents homeschool their children. I believe it to be quite relatable to my book, The BS Years (Before School), Setting the Stage for School Success. I advocate grandparents working with their grandchildren because they not only have time, but life experience to share . Grandparents have a […]

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Grandparents Rule!

I have talked before about grandparents being involved in the education of their grandchildren. There are so many reasons as to why this is happening. In some cases, some sort of a family upheaval has occurred creating a need for the grandparents to take over child rearing. The parents may not be in the picture […]

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New To Blogging


Hi Everyone! Boy, this is a really big day for me. This is my very first attempt at blogging, but since it involves sharing information with you about young children and how we can do right by them, I figure I should be okay. I taught little people for thirty years so my background is solid. […]

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