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Pregnant with Possibilities

Let’s look at three main ways that babies are thought to learn in the womb. ( See, I’m still convinced we can help our babies learn in utero).

First, they learn by experiences. According to babycentre.com babies recognize familiar voices and music they heard in the womb, and are soothed by them after birth. They’re also soothed by rocking and noises like car engines, which may remind them of the the movement and sounds of your body.

Next, they learn by repetition. For instance, if you frequently play an alarming noise to your baby in the womb, she may not be startled by it as a newborn. Babies do learn by repetition as do all children, but I personally don’t like this suggestion unless it is going to be an all the time noise that needs to be gotten used to. It doesn’t sound like a great thing to do to me.
Lastly, they learn by association which means your baby may learn to connect certain experiences to the way you are feeling at the time.. For example, if you often listen to a certain piece of music while relaxing, the same music may soothe her after birth. Now, this information does make sense to me.

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