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Its Almost Book Time ! From Jo

Things are getting quite exciting for me! It is almost time for my book, “The BS Years (Before School), Setting the Stage for School Success” to be published!

It should be available the end of January or in February. I am looking forward to seeing what folks will think of it. I am pretty proud of the book and feel like what I have to say is quite relevant to the education scene of today.

It supports my belief that we must take every opportunity to use those first five years of a child’s life to get them ready for school. I also think we can use pregnancy to start the learning process with gaining knowledge of the trimesters of pregnancy so we can know how and when to best use this period.

I am working now on my next venture…The Pickadilly Power Academy of Environmental Learning and Authentic Assessment! These will be lesson plans that will include Developmental Milestones and Learning CentersĀ  and take simple themes to use in each of the years birth to five. I am using my great, great nephew as my practice student. He and his grandma (Mimi) are developing a garden that will involve science, language development, vocabulary, art and a host of other activities. I am encouraging him to take pictures and write a book. He is almost four and doing a bang up job! So is Mimi, Papa, Mommy, Auntie Kandie and everyone else in his world.

So., stay tuned and I will keep you updated.




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