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Pregnant with Possibilities

This was something I came across while looking for Blog articles and information on pregnancy. It talks about the approach to fetal learning that happens  in other countries. Since, we are truly a melting pot in America and getting more so every day, I decided it would be a good thing to learn. Knowledge is power and the more we know, the more we can promote tolerance and understanding.

The first practice mentioned comes from Korea where many women practice Taegyo each day. This is the belief that it will help the development of their babies talent’s, personality and intelligence.This traditional prenatal education dates back to 1392 and incorporates many ideas that Westerners would find familiar. For example, parents may play music, read stories and talk to their babies, and/or practice yoga themselves.

Under Taegyo, pregnant women are also expected to restrict their behavior, thoughts and actions to create the best environment for their babies. This includes maintaining a peaceful and joyful mind, and only eating foods of the finest quality. Much of this seems familiar to what I believe.

Haptonomy is widely practiced in France. It was developed by a Dutch scientist named Frans Veldman. Haptonomy is a technique that focuses primarily on touch. It is designed to help parents bond with their baby both before and after birth.

By communicating through touch and feel, it is believed that you can let your baby know that she is important, loved and part of the family.

Haptonomy practitioners claim that it can also assist mothers preparing for childbirth by helping them understand tiger baby’s position and movements.
Seems like both cultures have practices very similar to ours and that is a good thing as they all seem to be based on love and a belief that we can influence how our babies learn.

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