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The Art of Conversation

Hi there,
I have been thinking a lot about how being able to participate in a good old fashioned conversation is passing many people by.
Let me explain what prompts that statement….I cannot count the number of times I have been at a restaurant where a family comes in, sits down and promptly takes out their phones-most likely already had one in their hands- or starts up on a game or text. They don’t look at each other, they don’t engage in conversation except when the wait person comes to take their order. This just makes me crazy and the entire bunch just pretty much ignore each other.
If you don’t plan to converse with people why do you bother to go out? Why not just stay home?
Now I realize I am showing my age, but if I was younger and out on a date, I would be highly insulted if my companion spent all his time on the phone or texting. When did you all get so important that you cannot turn your phone off for an hour or sol
I really like my cell phone and I LOVE texting! But, as the saying goes, “There is a time and place for everything!” Put the____ thing away for dinner or lunch or…
This is my personal little rant, but it will eventually have repercussions. If you cannot converse face to face, how are you going to successfully pull off a job interview? If you cannot construct a simple sentence because you communicate with texting shortcuts- my next rant- how are you going to fill out an application for a job?
I accept that social media is a fact of life today and it is great fun to snoop-oh come on now- you know you do! But, let’s have some balance and respect for one another and ourselves.
Jo Dillery


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