Monthly Archives: February 2016

A Daily Journal for Baby and Us

Hello All, I thought I would tell you about the journal I wrote that came out about the same time as my book. It is called A Daily Journal for Baby and Us. The purpose of it is for mom to keep track of her pregnancy from the very beginning. It has calendar pages and […]

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Exciting News Update

Hi there, Hope you all are doing well. I am avoiding the bad cold/flu bug that everyone in my world seems to have. But, so far, so good.  My husband, who is sick as a dog, asked me how I was managing to avoid the Creeping Crud. I told him it was because I have […]

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Language Development

Hello Again, Language Development is a very important topic to me because by starting early and often we can make such a difference for our children in higher-level learning, problem solving and social skills. Think about it- we can start talking to our babies in utero and the number one rule-to me- is never use […]

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