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Language Development

Hello Again,

Language Development is a very important topic to me because by starting early and often we can make such a difference for our children in higher-level learning, problem solving and social skills.

Think about it- we can start talking to our babies in utero and the number one rule-to me- is never use baby talk. We want our children to hear language from the very beginning spoken the way it needs to be. Speak in a regular, conversational manner and this will get children off to a great start.

I know, I know..they are not really able to hear us until about the third trimester. But, if you have been talking to them all along, it will be such a natural thing for them to think…”Oh, thats probably Daddy”. As a matter of fact, tell them who is speaking to them every time you have something to say. And….I truly believe that they are processing all these bits of information all along the way and will be able to use them at a future time.

We know that vocabulary and communication skills should start early in life with a steady stream of meaningful dialogue. Go online and discover all the research available that speaks to this topic. It is fascinating.

Something I heard the other day truly points out how critical it is for us to begin our conversantions with baby early. I heard an educator telling a group of teachers/parents that by the age of three, 80% of the brain is developed. 

The benefits of regular dialogue with your child are clear: Along with the research of what has happened by three, there is this, “Research shows that by age four, kids exposed to a high volume of language could have heard up to 4.5 million words. And the breadth of a child’s vocabulary at preschool age predicts reading comprehension and language skill and development at ages 9 and 10. This comes by way of Heather Hatfied in the July/August 2015 issue of Web MD.

So, start talking. people! I could always tell the children who came to me in Kindergarten who had been conversed with from Day One were generally going to be my more advanced students. It will make a difference and you will be setting the stage for school success. 

Jo Dillery


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