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A Daily Journal for Baby and Us

Hello All,
I thought I would tell you about the journal I wrote that came out about the same time as my book.
It is called A Daily Journal for Baby and Us. The purpose of it is for mom to keep track of her pregnancy from the very beginning.
It has calendar pages and the first month starts with the date you find out about your pregnancy. Follow the key to track Weight, Meditation (Yes/No), Walk (W), Swim (S), Stretch (ST), Weights (WT),
There are Journal Lines for describing how you are feeling, what is the baby doing, and what did you read to baby.
The whole idea of the journal supports my view that we can make a difference for our children by starting the minute we know about the pregnancy. We can read, sing, and describe daily activities. In my opinion we are setting the stage for school success. From the third trimester these activities will really have an impact on the developing fetus and there is much research to support my premise.
I have also included quotes from various sources that describe feelings about the pregnancy process.
Keep the chapter titled Pregnant with Possibilities from my book The BS (Before School) Years,  Setting the Stage for School Success in mind. It will detail the types of activities that could be implemented during each of the trimesters.
So,if you have a friend or family member who is expecting, keep this journal in mind as a nice gift.*
* Available on Amazon.com


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