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One to Two Years

One to Two Years


  • Very observant and tries to imitate what he sees
  • Likes to shake, band, and throw things
  • Looks at the right picture or thing when it is called
  • Learning what things are used for such as a cup or a brush
  • Will learn how to match two objects by color, shape or size
  • Follows simple directions

Social and Emotional:

  • Has favorite things and people
  • Uses words and facial expressions to communicate wants, needs and feelings
  • Play with another child is mostly side by side- sharing comes later
  • Might prefer the company of his adults
  • May cry when mom or dad leave
  • Shows fear in some situations
  • Wants to help with getting dressed

Speech and Language:

  • To build language tell your baby the name of  whatever she is pointing at
  • Sounds are beginning to resemble speech
  • Tries to say words your say
  • Makes big speech gains- goes from mama/dada/ nono to saying at least 50 words by two
  • When baby says a word incorrectly just repeat it back correctly and move on
  • Should be constructing simple two to three word sentences by two



Fine Motor:

  • Will try using spoon to feed self-hva the mop ready!
  • May try to make marks on paper-have large pencils, chalk, crayons handy. Date/post on frig
  • Loves ti stack things up and then knock them down
  • Really likes nesting cups and stacking rings
  • Will play with big piece puzzles about eighteen months



Gross Motor:

  • Will attempt going up stairs
  • Puts both feet on one step before going to the next step
  • Will learn how to roll and kick a ball
  • Soft shoes or bare feet best for baby when walking