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Three – Four Years

Three – Four Years


  • Names red, blue, yellow and green colors
  • Can point to and count 3 objects and shapes
  • Can work toys with moving parts, buttons and levers
  • Plays make believe with dolls, animals and peoples
  • Understands what two means
  • Turns book pages one at a time

Social and Emotional:

  • Participates in group play and shares
  • Copies adults and friends
  • Shows affection for friends without prompting
  • Shows concern for a crying friend
  • Separates easily from mom and dad
  • Major changes in routine may upset her
  • Can dress and undress self

Speech and Language:

  • Loves to ask why about what causes events around them
  • Speaks in complete sentences
  • Understands lots more words than he uses
  • Follows instructions with 2-3 steps
  • Can name most familiar things
  • Says first name, age and knows what sex she is
  • Can name a friend
  • Can recite familiar stories, rhymes, songs you have read
  • Needs to be engaged with books daily for language development


Fine Motor:

  • Cuts paper with scissors
  • Offer a fat crayon or pencil to help draw -post all efforts
  • Has the ability to button, zip/unzip by himself
  • Likes to help with household chores and is good at spilling- be ready¬†with the mop

Gross Motor:

  • Can peddle a tricycle
  • Tries hopping, skipping, and climbing
  • Runs easily
  • Energetic